New reporting functionality in development

This is a very exciting time for the AAIM project. The reporting requirements gathered from the Mahara community were reviewed over the last number of weeks and used as the foundation for four reports that Catalyst are currently developing. The four key reports that emerged as a result of the scoping exercise are:

  • Page Activity
  • User Activity
  • Collaboration
  • Group Activity

Testing is taking place of these new reports and should be completed shortly.  It is anticipated that these reports will be going into core Mahara so that the whole community can benefit from the enhanced analytics within the eportfolio platform. Note: that for larger installations, Elastic Search will need to be enabled to utilise the new reporting functionality.

The project team will update here as soon as development is complete to announce the release version of Mahara in which the reporting enhancements will be available.

The Mahara Community spoke and we listened

The AAIM project sought input from the Mahara community on the type of learning analytics that would be useful for students, lecturers and administrators. A Google survey was created and shared through social media and supported by Kristina Hoeppner from Mahara.

The survey drew 20 responses from institutions nationally and internationally. These were reviewed and collated to identify the key areas to consider for development through the project. Some general categories or themes in requirements emerged from the review. At this early stage in the project, it seems that the key areas to Mahara users in institutional reporting/metrics are:

Reports which indicate:

  • The degree of collaborative engagement: Provide evidence of collaboration & engagement internally and with outside organisations such as prospective employers
  • The degree of eportfolio usage by groups: Provide evidence of lecturer and student engagement with the eportfolio on a group by group basis
  • Degree of use by institution: Provide evidence of lecturer and student engagement with the eportfolio on an institution by institution basis
  • Degree of use by student: Show engagement with the eportfolio on a student by student basis
  • Management Reporting/Success Factors: Provide metrics suitable for management reporting on the degree of use and efficacy of the eportfolio platform
  • Student Usage behaviour: Provide a closer look at how students use and interact with the eportfolio platform
  • Tagging: focusses on the use of tagging in the eportfolio which can provide evidence of the type of pages students are creating and competencies gained
  • Teacher usage behaviour: Identify the number of teachers engaging with the eportfolio platform and the type and degree of that engagement
  • Technical issues: To be used to identify platform downtime and issues
  • Type of use: Provide evidence on how the platform is being used;  pages/resources considered useful and evidence of the types of artefacts collated


The AAIM team met this week to analyse the responses and identify next steps. We will keep you updated on the development of institutional reporting as well as those useful for students and teachers. But suffice to say, we are very excited as momentum in this project builds.

Participate in the project

You are invited to contribute to the project by completing this survey. Your participation will help shape the analytic reporting tools available within the  eportfolio platform Mahara.

We are seeking to understand what additional analytics will support individual academics and institutions to evaluate learner engagement and support academic retention activities. Your contribution to this one year study will form the basis of work to enhance learning analytics within Mahara and will be shared back to the community at the end of this period.